Easy come-easy grow cattle


Need more pounds to sell?

Our Simmentals will help improve your profitabilty by giving you more pounds across the scales


Heterosis/Hybrid Vigor

Research shows that you can get up to a 25% increase in pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed to a bull when crossbred cows produce crossbred calves


We're cattle guys just like you

We take pride in our cattle. We want the calves to be born without assistance and grow like weeds just like you do. That's why we only select bulls to use that are average or better for CalvingEase,BirthWeight,WeaningWeight, and YearlingWeight. Doing that for 30+ years along with Ai'ing, we're able to produce those easy come-easy grow bulls and heifers

Thank You

We would personally like to thank those that have bought bulls from us this year.

Ron Poths of Woodburn, IA -- 44NWD and 163YD

David Smith of New Virginia,IA-- 42LXD

Rowland Burton of Irwin,IA-- 44KRD

Will Jones of Spencer,IA-- 2UBD

Danny Smithson of La Plata,MO-- 44PYD

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