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WS MO-Hawk 44PYD

We are excited to be able to offer semen on one of the top growth EPD bulls in the Simmental breed. His WW epd is in the top 3% of the breed and his YW epd is in the top 4%. He's got added length of body with smooth shoulders and is structually correct on his feet. All that with a perfect blaze face from a cow family that excels in docility. His first set of calves have all been extremely calm with some just down right friendly. Use him to add growth, a blaze face and docility. 

Spring of 2019 EPD's

CE 9.9    BW 2.4    WW 84.8    YW 127.1   ADG .26    MCE 4.7    MM 24.6    MWW 66.8    Stay 14.3    Doc 16.1    CW 48.9    YG -0.48    Marb -0.26    BF -0.121    REA 1.06    Shr -0.30    API 108.0    TI 71.6


Sire- SVF Allegiance Y802

Dam's Sire- ESMJ Conservative MJ9365

ASA number


Individual Performance

Actual BW 92lbs    Adj 205 day 744lbs with a ratio of 126    YW 1360lbs    Yearling Fr Sc 5.9    Scrm 36.5    Adj Rea 15.6    Pelvic Area 192.5    BF .2    

Semen Price

 $20 per straw up to 20 straws

$18 per straw for 30 straws

$15 per straw for 50 or more straws

Plus Shipping and Handling

Semen shipped to your farm or can be picked up at ours

WS MO-Hawk 44pyd

To order Semen

Contact owners- Wolfe Simmentals- Prole, IA or Smithson Farms- La Plata, MO

Matt Wolfe (515) 202-4056

Danny Smithson (660) 651-5877

Bill Wolfe (515) 681-5699